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About the Project

Tavistock’s recorded history stretches back to AD 961 when the Benedictine abbey was founded, though nearly 800 years was to pass before the first detailed and accurate map of the town was drawn up - commissioned by the Duke of Bedford and surveyed by his agent, John Wynne.

Wynne’s map provides a fantastic portrait of the town, capturing it at a time when it was still largely dominated by its medieval inheritance (which can still be seen today in the layout and buildings of Market Street and King Street), and before the sweeping improvements of the 7th Duke were introduced in the 1800s - funded by the mineral wealth and industries of the surrounding area.

The aim of Tavistock 1752 is twofold: first, to make more people aware of this rich heritage by providing online access to the map. Second, to bring Tavistock’s history up to date by enabling people to contribute their own stories to the project website.